Board of Management

Vice President: Assoc.Prof. Dr. NGUYEN Van Khang

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Planning and Accounting;
  • System of University Enterprises; and
  • University infrastructure (offices, workshops), land use.

Supervision: Planning and Accounting Office,  Logistics, Company System, HUST Publishing House, Management of High Buildings, Dormitory Management Service.

Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. NGUYEN Canh Luong

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Undergraduate and graduate training;
  • Ideology tasks;
  • Administration reform;
  • Recruitment.

Supervision:  Administration Office, Undergraduate Office, Graduate School,  Student Affairs Office, Center for Talents Training, Faculty of Part-time Training, Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT- HEDSPI, Centre of Quality Guarantee.  

Vice President: Assoc.Prof. Dr. PHAM Hoang Luong 

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Development of Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (AIST);
  • Equipment and information system;
  • Technical support (electricity and water supply, materials, experimental devices and tools)
  • Scientific research and technology transfer;
  • International cooperation;
  • International training programme;
  • Health care, environmental sanitation, natural disasters prevention, security;
  • Supervision:  Scientific Reasearch and Technology Transfer Office, International Cooperation Office, Clinic,  Security Office, School of International Education, Foreign Language Training Center,AIST, Equipment Office,  Library, HUST Network Information Centre.

Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRAN Van Top 

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Projects of construction investment and technical facilities development;
  • Faculties and staff procedures, policies, emulation and commendation;  
  • Social movements and organizations, students affairs;

Supervision: Construction Management Office, Project Management Office, HUST Sports Association.


Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. HOANG Minh Son

Supervision: Science - Technology Office, Graduate School, Center of Communication and Public Relations, School of International Education.