Board of Management

President: Prof. Dr. NGUYEN Trong Giang

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the HUST overall administration and  directly responsible for the following areas:

  • Human resources;
  • Development planning and financial strategies;
  • Campus planning;  
  • Council of Science and Training, Council of Academic Title Recognition.

Supervision: Human Resource Office, Construction Management Office (on campus planning), Project Management Office (on development and  promotion of investment projects), Board of Project Management for the Universities Urban Area.

Standing Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. NGUYEN Canh Luong

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Undergraduate and graduate training;
  • Ideology tasks;
  • Administration reform;
  • Recruitment.

Supervision:  Administration Office, Undergraduate Office, Graduate School,  Student Affairs Office, Center for Talents Training, Faculty of Part-time Training, Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT- HEDSPI, Centre of Quality Guarantee.

Vice President: Assoc.Prof. Dr. NGUYEN Van Khang

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Planning and Accounting;
  • System of University Enterprises; and
  • University infrastructure (offices, workshops), land use.

Supervision: Planning and Accounting Office,  Logistics, Company System, HUST Publishing House, Management of High Buildings, Dormitory Management Service.



Vice President: Assoc.Prof. Dr. PHAM Hoang Luong 

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Development of Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (AIST);
  • Equipment and information system;
  • Technical support (electricity and water supply, materials, experimental devices and tools)
  • Scientific research and technology transfer;
  • International cooperation;
  • International training programme;
  • Health care, environmental sanitation, natural disasters prevention, security;
  • Supervision:  Scientific Reasearch and Technology Transfer Office, International Cooperation Office, Clinic,  Security Office, School of International Education, Foreign Language Training Center,AIST, Equipment Office,  Library, HUST Network Information Centre.


Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRAN Van Top 

Responsibilities: to be in charge of the following areas

  • Projects of construction investment and technical facilities development;
  • Faculties and staff procedures, policies, emulation and commendation;  
  • Social movements and organizations, students affairs;

Supervision: Construction Management Office, Project Management Office, HUST Sports Association.


Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. HOANG Minh Son