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Photos of excellent students of Talented Program attending KAIST EE Camp at KAIST, Korea in Sept 2018. Among 570 applicants from different countries, 91 excellent students was selected to participate in the camp. 14/19 students from HUST joining the program came from SET. EE Camp – Experience was held at KAIST, Korea from Sept 15 to Sep 17, 2018.

Activities during the Camp:

o    Lecture Halls and Laboratories Tour

o    KAIST postgraduate study introduction

o    Appointments with professors

o    Country visit


Testimonials of students from SET attending the Camp:

Than Viet Duc – Talented Engineer K60: “KAIST is one of the top universities in Electrical & Electronics with faculty members from studied and worked at leading institutes in US like Stanford, MIT. I am grateful to attend the KAIST EE Camp Program, which helps expanding my knowledge and network with professors and the fellow students from many countries: China, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, etc.”

Nguyen Danh Nghia – Talented Engineer K60: “Attending KAIST EE Camp was my first trip abroad. It is wonderful to meet the excellent professors and visit the center of Korean science and technology. Witnessing the advanced equipments and active research environment has motivated me a lot for gaining higher academic achievements “


Nguyen Van Cuong – Electronics 5 K60: “KAIST EE Camp was a great chance to experience Korean culture, cuisine, and education. I am grateful for the hospitality and generosity of the professors and students at KAIST. Although the time was short, the 3-day trip had broadened my knowledge in science, technology and culture”


Nguyen Tien Hong – Electronics 1 K60: “KAIST EE Camp brought me not only the experience of working and studying at one of the top universities in Asia but also the chance of applying for scholarship at KAIST.Moreover, life in Korea was really interesting :3