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Future Students


Reputation of HUST

Well-known as the country’s leading technical, scientific and technological university, HUST is the pride of every student studying and going to study here. Over 60 years of building and development, HUST has asserted its position by prestige in training quality, active student movements, the close attachment with the society, and the commitment to train high quality and strong human resources for the country.

Advanced training programs

Student studying for exams

HUST always emphasizes the updating of new knowledge and advanced methods in higher education administration, quality assurance, training programs and teaching methodology because these are key issues that directly affect the improvement of training quality. Training programs at HUST are diverse with 42 majors belonging to 17 training Schools, 04 special and international cooperation training programs for full-time students, 44 Master’s training programs and 39 Doctoral training areas, which can help students fulfill their passions in various scientific and technological fields.

As regards formal training programs only, Credit-based training allows students to be completely active in choosing learning modules as well as graduation time. There are quite a number of students who have graduated after only 3 or 3.5 years (for Bachelor’s programs), and 4 or 4.5 years (for Engineer programs) due to their great efforts to surpass programs at the University.

Active and creative learning environment

Personal development opportunities

Founded in 1956, HUST has affirmed its position and prestige nationally, regionally and globally. With the target to become a research-oriented university, HUST follows scientific activities and the dissemination of know-how in science and technology.  The University has been constantly promoting its training quality and the active, extensive and intensive integration into the region’s and the world’s educational and research activities with a view to training high quality human resources and the provision of scientific, technological and technical solutions for the country. Becoming a student at HUST, you will have opportunities to approach a modern and well-equipped learning environment, advanced training programs comparable to global models, and ideal conditions for dynamic and creative training.

Scientific research student

HUST students not only participate in exciting formal learning hours in the classroom but also have many opportunities to join in academic clubs to realize their passions in learning and doing research. In all Faculties and Schools, there are typical academic clubs such as Racing Car Model Club at the School of Dynamic Mechanics, Financial Management Club at the School of Economics and Management, or Scientific Research Club at the School of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Modern and well-equipped facilities

HUST has invested in modern and well-equipped facilities to serve teaching, learning and research activities. 80% of amphitheaters are equipped with high capacity air-conditioning systems and projectors to ensure learning quality and students’ well-being. Laboratories are also synchronized with modern equipment and machines.

Chemical experiment

Laboratory BKEMA

The University has a fresh learning environment (as the largest inner-city campus), helping to build an open and friendly student life. The dormitory area is spacious and hygienic, accompanied by football fields, volley ball and basket ball courts to serve the best students’ boarding lives. Besides, HUST receives synchronous investments in facilities dedicated to the regular organization of on-campus, city and national scale sports and cultural events, including an international standard stadium, swimming pools, tennis courts and gymnasiums. 

Qualified and enthusiastic lecturers

ICT lessons

HUST takes pride in being a state training institution that has a powerful group of highly qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated lecturers. The number of lecturers at HUST is now 1,187 (including 21 Professors, 202 Associate Professors, 703 Doctors-Scientific Doctors, and nearly 300 Masters and Bachelors). In addition, the University has been cooperating with lecturers and experts from many other reputable universities, research units, and businesses to provide further training and instructions for students. Lecturers at HUST are carefully selected to be qualified for the teaching of advanced programs. They are trained at prestigious educational institutions in the country and in the world, having excellent study and research results, and being highly capable of teaching and supervising students in doing research.

Guide research students

Being a student at HUST, you will have opportunities to study, work, and exchange know-how with highly qualified and committed lecturers who are always willing to support you in learning, doing research, and other issues of your life.

Multiple opportunities for self-fulfillment and career development

HUST creates a dynamic and friendly learning environment, an ideal place for students to develop into outstanding, active and sociable individuals who can meet demands of the labor market. During learning processes, students can experience diverse, engaging and challenging curricula, with updated and comprehensive content. Short-term training programs and skill development courses are also wonderful opportunities for students to discover themselves, fulfill and renew their personal images. An indispensable part of student life is extracurricular activities that are aimed to support students’ self-training, health improvement, and the nurture of positive mental life.

A wide range of financial support

HUST has annual scholarship policies for outstanding students as an encouragement source for their endeavors to achieve best learning results. The University also fully implements policies on tuition reduction and exemption, and social grants for all those eligible under current regulations, as well as assists students in the completion of borrowing procedures to pay their learning costs.

Moreover, HUST has cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign businesses and agencies to establish many scholarship funds that provide partial financial support for students having difficult family backgrounds but always trying their best in study. An array of scholarship programs and student exchanges with counterpart foreign universities are available to support those having excellent learning results or having special living circumstances.