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Interdisciplinary Research Strengths

Interdisciplinary Research Strengths Interdisciplinary Research Strengths

Research, renovation and creativity

“HUST is a leading multidisciplinary technical university and research unit of Vietnam. With a community of  highly qualified scientists, the University has proved its quality by making great progresses in the publishing of scientific results, renovations and inventions, in research and technology transfer, and in the application of scientific and technological products to various fields of life, bringing the University proximate to regional and global levels. In 2012, HUST had the great honor to be in the list of over 3000 research units in the world ranked by SCImago. It has also been continuously topping renovation and creativity indicators nationwide in 2014 and 2016, and also is an official member of the Asia-Oceania Top University League on Engineering (AOTULE)”

Multidisciplinary research strengths

To fulfill its mission to become a qualified training and research institution, HUST has centered its investments in the development of a research-oriented university. HUST has identified 08 research strengths, with a focus on key interdisciplinary research directions and fields.

  • Information and Communications Technology 
  • Advanced Material Technology
  • Mechanics – Mechatronics
  • Dynamics Engineering
  • Biotechnology and Life Science
  • Food Technology
  • Electricity, Electronics and Automatics
  • Chemistry, Energy and Environment