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Internal Quality Assurance Internal Quality Assurance

Structure and organization of the Quality Management System

The quality management system has a 3-level structure and is organized, parallel with the University management and administration system, as follows:

Level 1. Strategic quality assurance:

Ensuring quality demand in establishing, maintaining and improving the contents, objectives for Mission, Vision, Strategy and Policies set out by the University, in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the State, appropriate to the context, resources and prestige, roles and functions in the community and society.

The University leaders implement strategic quality assurance according to the provisions of legal documents, regulations in the ISO management system, regional and international educational quality standards for higher education institutions.

Level 2. Quality assurance of the system

Quality assurance of the system is carried out through the establishment of the University internal quality assurance system as required in the quality standards of the educational institution, and the implementation of quality assurance activities under the management of the President.

The Quality Management Office is the specialized focal point unit, responsible for developing the quality assurance plan and organizing the internal quality assurance activities to implement the quality objectives required by the President Board.

The Offices and Boards coordinate with the Quality Management Office in supervising the quality, the effectiveness of the implementation of the operational plans, the observance of the ISO processes and the quality assurance requirements in order to promptly improve and enhance the quality and risk prevention.

Level 3. Quality assurance by function

The tier 2 units carry out the quality assurance work at the unit level on the basis of the scope, functions, tasks and powers decentralized, based on the University's quality assurance plan, regulations, guidelines and plans for annual quality assurance.

For training units, the core quality assurance activity is to conduct quality assurance of training programs according to the requirements of self-assessment, external assessment and accreditation by quality accreditation organizations.

Leaders of units have the assignment of responsibilities in regular tasks of quality assurance, setting up a quality assurance team of their units to organize the performance of quality assurance tasks, providing and publicizing quality assurance information as required, reporting the results of the annual quality assurance work.