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 Talented program in Mathematics and Informatics

Students are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in computer science, as well as basic and advanced knowledge of mathematics and applied mathematics.

Job opportunity

Specialists in research and development (R&D), software specialists in IT companies, telecommunications, e-commerce, technology corporations,...

Informatics specialists at enterprises, finance and insurance companies, banks, state administrative agencies,...;

Faculty of computing or mathematics at colleges and universities; researcher in Mathematics and Informatics;

Expert in statistics analysis, forecast, risk management, investment appraisal at banks, finance companies, insurance companies, enterprises, etc;

Specialist in applied mathematics in transportation, telecommunications, irrigation, agriculture, industry, health, ...

Popular salary ranges from 10 - 15 million VND / month

Scholarship opportunities

Opportunity to receive scholarships and financial support of the University; scholarship of the Bach Khoa Math Alumni Association with a total value of 30 million / year; scholarship of Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (11 million / 1 term); scholarships from businesses such as 3C, ITSOL, Grooo International ...