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Study Opportunities and Offers Study Opportunities and Offers

Education process and Graduation Requirements

Students are educated and trained in the best pedagogic environment. The courses are taught in English. The curriculum and syllabi were built based on the undergraduate program in Mechatronics program of California State University Chico (CSUC), which received accrediation from ABET. Lecturers will be selected from HUST, and some other universities and research institutes, which have distinguished teaching experience in higher education, already taught technical subjects in English, or graduated from conuntries using English as first language. Some courses will be taught by some Professors from SCUC, SHIBAURA (Japan), and National Taiwan University (NUT-Taiwan).

The educational process is designed in accordance with the credit-based system. The graduation conditions obey the regulation of credit-based Academic system of HUST. Students have to pass all the required courses and to complete the necessary amount of elective courses. The total course requirements are 170 credits; the CPA (Cumulated Grade-point Average), is to be used in accordance with the regulation of credit-based Academic system of HUST

Scholarship opportunities 

The students in Advanced Mechatronics Program have opportunities to get scholarships and financial support from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology which includes 48 scholarships with a total value of VND 240,000,000. And the students also may archive the scholarships and internship programs funded by domestic and foreign companies, the opportunities of participating research projects of national and international R&D centers, universities and research institutes such as the internship programs at NTU (Taiwan) and SHIBAURA (Japan) annually.


Other opportunities for  Master or PhD programs, or short-term exchange at the National Taiwan University (Taiwan), Griffith (Australia), KAIST, European Universities (according to Erasmus Mundus scholarship), American Universities (according to VEF 2.0 scholarship), SHIBAURA (Japan), ....

Job Opportunities

 According to the survey annualy, 98 percent students have jobs after graduation. Some popular positions are specialists in research and development (R&D) at High-Tech companies (IMI, Samsung, LG, Bo Viet, Viettel, ABB...); mechatronics specialist, IT specialist, production management, quality management, key researcher, technical expert, technical advisor, system design engineer, project implementation engineer, supervisor technical manager, executive director, ... at domestic and international companies and corporations; or lecturers and researchers of leading universities and research at national and international universities.

 Popular salary is between 10 and 20 million Vietnam dong per month.