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Mission, Vision & Core values

Mission, Vision & Core values Mission, Vision & Core values


HUST is committed to developing human resources, providing high-quality workforce training, doing scientific research, ensuring technological innovation and knowledge transfer to serve our society and country.


HUST aims at becoming a regional leading research university with the core being the techniques and technology, contributing significantly to developing a knowledge-based economy, defending national peace and security and leading the higher-education system of Vietnam.


1. Academic Excellence - Effectiveness: HUST is widely reputed for excellent training quality associated with optimal effectiveness in all operations and on all aspects of our university.

2. Devotion - Dedication: Devotion and dedication is the key to all achievements, and makes the precious values of HUST staff and students.

3. Integrity - Respect: Integrity in career and life, respect for dignity, observance of laws and regulations, and acknowledgment of diversity and differences are the ethical standards promoted always at HUST.

4. Individual talents – Collective brainpower: HUST nurtures individual talents, key to breakthroughs, and collective unity and brainpower, which secures all successes.

5. Inheritance – Creativity: HUST facilitates sustainable growth driven by innovation and creativeness based upon the absorption of human intellectual essence, inheritance of all achievements and promotion of good traditions. 


  • FOUND IN 1956
  • More than 25,000 full-time students 
  • Scale of annual enrolment: 5,500- 6,000 students
  • More than 5,000 Master’s and Doctoral postgraduates 
  • Total area: 26 ha 
  • Number of amphitheaters: >200
  • Number of laboratories for training and research: >200