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Hanoi University of Science and Technology has been ranked in the TOP 400 and TOP 500 in the world for four subjects, with the improvement across engineering & technology and natural sciences fields. In particular, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering & Manufacturing, and Computer Science & Information Systems remarkably moved up 50-100 places, continued to rank 1st nationally, while Mathematics entered the table for the first time.


QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020 was released on March 4th, 2020. This table ranks the world’s top universities in individual subject areas, covering 48 disciplines in 5 subject areas as of 2020. The overall 2020 rankings comprise 1,368 institutions, spanning from 158 countries around the world. 

The performance indicators of these rankings concentrate on four aspects: academic reputation, employer reputation, citation per paper and H-Index (the measure index for productivity and impact of the published work). In both engineering & technology and natural sciences, academic reputations are the most important factor (taking up 40%), indicating the importance of academic opinions on universities in their fields of expertise. This year, 22 million papers with 200 million citations were analysed to produce the rankings.

Accordingly, all HUST’s previously ranked subjects in engineering & technology witness a great improvement, climbing 50-100 places and remained Vietnam TOP 1, while mathematics, the only representative under natural sciences, is the first-time TOP 500, staying at TOP 2 nationally, confirming the importance of Mathematics in the leading university in science and technology:

Subject Areas


Domestic Rank

Global Rank 2020

Global Rank 2019

Engineering & Technology

Engineering – Electrical & Electronics




Engineering – Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing




Computer Science & Information Systems




Natural Sciences






In 2019, HUST was announced to be in 351-400 position in Engineering and Technology, according to THE World University Rankings by Subject, and ranked at TOP 4 in Engineering and Technology in South East Asia. These results are a very positive confirmation of HUST’s great reputation and impact in science and technology fields, in the region as well as over the world.


QS World University Rankings by Subject (QS WUR by Subject) is built on four criteria: Academic Reputation (AR), Employer Reputation (ER), Research Citations per paper and H-index (which measures the faculty's productivity and the impact of their scientific announcements). Depending on the field, the weight of the criteria will be different. For example, with Arts and Humanities, the AR points account for 60% of the total points, ER 20%, Research citations per paper 10% and the total number of cited articles accounts for 10%. For Engineering & Technology, the weighting is 40% - 30% - 15% - 15% respectively. This means QS's ranking criteria emphasize the contribution and impact of the training quality of a discipline on society (through the assessment of enterprises and academics) and those to scientific research (via citation levels and H-index)

2019 marks the first year HUST ever entered QS WUR by Subject by having 03 subjects that have been ranked No.1 among Vietnamese higher education institutions. The group of Electrical & Electronics is ranked 401-450; Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing is ranked 451-500; and Computer Science & Information Systems is ranked 501-550. Specifically, the Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing group has the ER point of 61.3 (over 100 points); Electrical & Electronics has 61.9 ER points, and Computer Science & Information Systems has 56.3 ER points. Thus, besides training, scientific research and knowledge transfer, HUST has affirmed its quality of training through prestige with employers, while showing its impact on society through the evaluation of academics and publication of research results.