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Our programs equip you with theoretical knowledge, technical skills and practical experience so you are work-ready when you graduate. You can dive into a potential major or minor's specifics on its schools website, linked below. 


Contact information
Academic Office Office: C1- 201; 202, 203,  C1 - 315 Telephone No.:  (+84)243 869 2104 / 869 2008 / 868 2305 / 868 2163 /  243 869...

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Academic calendar
See the Schedule of Classes for current year academic deadlines and other scheduling information, CLICK HERE .

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Academic facilities
The university has a range of facilities to offer students and staff alike – from libraries to student centres and sports grounds.Lecture halls, laboratories, offices, and study spaces strengthen...

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Special Programs and Opportunities

There are 12 international twining programs between HUST and prestigious universities.

List of Schools and Faculties

Number of faculties and schools: 23

Number of institutes and research centers: 12


Books, jounals, articles, e- resource ... for students and staff.